rapid prototyping

UxV toolbox

The UxV toolbox provides matlab script and Simulink blocks for autopilot. Script to decode, visualise MAVlink logs and configure a Simulink model feeding MAVlink signal for simulation. Block adds MAVLink, GPS, and FrSky protocol S.BUS, Smart Port and F.Port feature to a rapid prototyping model used for code generation working with the MPLAB blocks from microchip (targeting dsPIC microcontrollers).

block receiver & telemetry: S.BUS, Smart Port, F.Port

Simulink blocks to get data from a receiver and set data to be sent to the remote controller through the telemetry channel. S.BUS, Smart Port and F.Port block support respective protocols.

block Sensor

The Sensor block set sensor ID and data values to send to the remote through telemetry. Data are sent to the receiver either through the F.Port or through a Smart Port.

Fixed-wing autopilot based on Simulink model

16-bits fixed-wing autopilot Model Based Design

Lab INSA - Real Time Control for a DC / PMSM Motors

Simulation & real-time control of a motor with MCLV 2 board

Inverted Pendulum

LQR stabilization of an inverted pendulum platform based on a low-cost toy. Simulink model and generation of code for dsPIC Microchip microcontroller are provided (Rapid Control Prototyping: RCP)